GridSpeak Energy Markets (GEM)

The Wholesale Electricity Trading Platform

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GridSpeak Energy Markets (GEM) is an agent and execution platform for the North American wholesale electricity market.
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New, Exciting & Profitable Energy Market Trading Opportunities

Get market access and execution services from GridSpeak, the first and only platform available for the quantitative proprietary trader to enter the electricity trading market. Our products and services provide the quantitative thinker access to a new market with self-liquidating financial instruments and great opportunity in volatility and spreads.

These instruments are commonly traded by the leading financial institutions but are not generally accessible to the ordinary trader. Now, you too can benefit from having these powerful tools integrated into your investment strategy for the first time ever.

Identify New Trading Opportunities Through User-Defined Criteria
Back-Test Your Previous Bid Strategies
Correlate Weather Forecasts To Price Movements

GridSpeak Energy Markets (GEM)

  • A trade is a bid on a single node for a single hour in a day

  • A node can be bid on 48 times in a single day

  • Each hour has a possible BUY and SELL

  • There are over 15,000 tradable nodes in North America

  • Spreads range from zero to >$1,000 per unit trade

  • Market is open 24/7/365

  • Trades are uncorrelated to equities and fixed income

  • Exempt from SEC and CFTC oversight

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To enable you to trade quickly and confidently, GridSpeak offers guidance on how to trade this new uncorrelated asset class.

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